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Reckoning of Dragons: Dragon Killer, Roll the Bones & Sirensbane

The epic fantasy trilogy. In a world fearfully awaiting the return of the dormant dragon god, a triumvirate of evil villains rises up to take advantage of the chaos. Reluctantly pitted against them is Kal Moonheart, an adventurer and gambler, marked for a life of danger at a young age. But Kal has friends to stand with her: honest thief Will Straightarrow, smuggler and pirate Lula Pearl, knight-errant Rafe Firehand, and wily politician Benedict Godsword.

Kal’s quest for peace will take her from the tallest mountains to the deepest seas, from the darkest dungeons to the highest halls of power. All the traditional fantasy elements are here, but with the added suspense and unpredictable plots of a thriller. There will be blood. There will be a reckoning …