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Historical Romance

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The Rogue. Book 1 of Rogues & Gentlemen

Along the wild and untamed coast of Cornwall, smuggling is not only a way of life, but a means of survival.
Henrietta knows to look the other way when the free trading 'gentlemen' are at work. Yet when a notorious pirate, known as The Rogue, bursts in on her in the village shop, she takes things one step further.
Bewitched by his wicked blue eyes, in a moment of insanity she hides the handsome fugitive from the local Militia. Her reward is an unforgettable kiss. But in his haste to escape, her pirate drops a letter, inadvertently giving Henri incriminating information about the man she just helped free.
When her father gives her hand in marriage to a villainous nobleman in return for the payment of his debts, Henri becomes desperate.
Blackmailing a pirate may be her only hope for freedo


Scandal's Daughter. Book 3 of Rogues & Gentlemen

Sebastian Grenville, The Duke of Sindalton, known as Sin to the ton, is in the market for a wife, even if he doesn’t want one.
Bored to death by balls and matchmaking mamas, he seeks respite at a friend's hunting lodge in Cornwall and is delighted when he stumbles upon Miss Georgiana Bomford, the niece of the local doctor. But the feisty red-headed beauty is unimpressed by his attempt to entice her.
Though she is far from Duchess material, Sindalton, is captivated and intent on seduction, makes her the target of his all too tempting charms. But Georgiana is not who he thinks she is, and when they meet again in London, the scandalous past is in danger of repeating itself.


The Earl's Temptation. Book 2 of Rogues & Gentlemen

The Earl of Falmouth, has a reputation for revelling in vice. But wine, women and dice are only a fraction of the dangerous truth, for Alex is the force behind a powerful gang, smuggling contraband between France and Cornwall.  
A shipwreck finds him washed ashore, barely alive, close to the French port of Roscoff.  
Innocent beauty, Célestine Lavelle, has lost everything and is forced to work in the kitchens of the local whore house. Desperate and completely alone, the discovery of a half-drowned English smuggler on the shore will lead her heart in directions she never dreamed of.

Determined to save his beguiling rescuer, Alex plans that her future should be full of everything that is good and honourable, but will the temptation to take her as his own be too hard to resist?


The Devil May Care. Book 4 of Rogues & Gentlemen

When the ton's scandalous darling, 'Beau' the Marquis of Beaumont, is forced to flee England to escape debtor's prison, it appears Miss Sparrow is his only remaining friend, however unlikely.
Miss Sparrow lives up to her name. Damaged and terrified by her cousin's violent abuse, Milly is used to being overlooked and prefers it that way, until the desperation of her world is gilded by rakish Beau's extraordinary friendship.
Milly’s lively letters help Beau through his banishment and when he inherits the Dukedom, he returns to seek out his little bird. To his shock he finds a woman in despair and, moved by pity, he offers her the protection of his name by marriage.
Soon Milly becomes impossible to ignore, but more Beau needs his wife, the less interested she seems in her gorgeous husband.