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The Harbinger

It will take the end of life to discover its beginning.

Billions are dying mysterious deaths. Their faces freeze in waxy smiles of exaltation. Those left behind call them the Raptured. There’s a kernel of truth in that belief, but beyond that kernel lies a deep, dark secret.
On the West coast, a wise man naming himself Ira lures survivors to a place called Sanctuary. For those who gather there, it does seem like sanctuary, for a time.
One man doesn’t seek sanctuary. Dean’s search for his family takes him down a long road of the violent and the dead, hoping his family isn’t among them.
In the end all hope may rest on the shoulders of Evie, a teenage girl who is wanted by both the righteous and the wicked.
Evie’s part in the puzzle may reveal the origins of mankind – or spell its end.



It's All Fun and Games

Horror and Fantasy clash when a tight-knit group of six-graders invite along a new student for a Saturday night role-playing game. The characters are chosen and the rules are set, but one of them isn't going to play fair.