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Kiss of Death

Two gangs. One city.

Trey is on the run with two bullet holes in his side. His bleeding and running out of time fast.

Sara is a nurse at Virginia Mason Hospital & Seattle Medical Center. She's on her typical night shift when a bleeding and desperate drug lord falls into her lap. She does what any nurse would do when a gunshot victim comes in, she saves him. But what she didn't anticipate was the attraction that would form.

Drake made two mistakes. He shot the second-in-command of the Mongols and didn't kill him. Now he must finish the job before anyone finds out what he has done or suffer the same fate.

In a city that rains five months out of the year, bullets aren't always the most dangerous thing. Sometimes love is.


2136 — A Post-Apocalyptic Novel

From the #1 Amazon bestselling author of over twenty-three novels comes a new adventure in a world destroyed by war. Can you survive the apocalypse?

An aptitude test separates people into three classes at birth. 23-year old Willow is the last Divine on Earth. Proc 1 is the first of the floating sanctuaries the classes strive to ascend to. When a covert group sneaks Willow on board, she assumes an identity not her own, and unleashes a virus that kills everyone on the ship but her.

When the bodies begin to rise from the ashes of the disembodied ship on the eastern shores of New Jersey, she must choose to save herself or save the world. There’s just one problem: the infection is in her blood, the dead walk the earth, and those left alive do so at extreme peril. Will Willow find a cure for