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Ellington Baddox is a junior in college studying German and Physics. She has always had a passion for writing. Her first inspiration came from watching High School Musical in the third grade; from there, in the 4th grade, she started writing a musical much like HSM. However, she scrapped the idea by 6th grade. But her writing did not stop there, she continued with writing the first draft of Bad Romance. In the 6th grade, she went to see Twilight, the same inspiration she had in the 3rd grade returned. She read the series and started writing Bad Romance, at the time it was called Mind Beast. Going through middle school, high school, college, mixed with hardships in life she continued to write. By Spring of 2017, she had finished Bad Romance. Ellington get's inspiration from reading and watching many different genres of books, shows, and movies. With this mixed creative pallet, she hopes it will help appeal to readers of many different genres.


Teen & Young Adult

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Bad Romance: Part I

When an unknown creature terrorizes Malibu, high school junior, Jezebel Bedeau and her best friend enlist the help of the most popular boy in school to figure out what this Beast is. Jezebel has been haunted for years by this creature and will do anything to get answers. As they embark on their journey they risk legal integrity, their relationships, and their lives. In the middle of all this Jezebel finds herself in a romantic entanglement that will cost her more than she thought. Feeling confused about her relationship wrapped up with the excitement of the Beast hunt, Jezebel's world seems to close in on her the deeper she goes.