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Other (Fiction)

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Dormroom Confessions: Kalie's Story

Kalie is a shy freshman when she meets Jared. He instantly breaks her out of her shell and the two of them begin a hot and heavy relationship. She gives him her virginity and the two of them seem inseparable. That is, until Jared tries to spice things up with a little bondage play. Kalie isn't too keen on it, but she tries it anyway. Will she like being dominated, or will she prefer to be the dominator?


College Girl's Mistake

When college freshman, Emma, gets a brand new high-end digital camera she can't wait to test it out. It's while she's taking snapshots in the back garden that her boyfriend, Paul, has a better idea for her new toy. Nude photography leads into erotic photography as the couple get their clothes off and perform for Emma's new camera.

She thought it would be private, but that doesn't last long.



Sexual Muse

College freshman, Kelsey, runs into her best friend's dad, Mr. Simmons, while shopping for a sexy new dress at the mall. He invites her to home for lunch and to catch up. She asks him if he was still doing paintings and ends up modeling for him. It wasn't long before clothes come off and things heat up way beyond just painting.


Special Tutoring

When she was asked to stay after class, she didn't know her professor wanted to keep her for a special tutoring session. He shows her all he ways she is a woman and all the ways he is a man, taking her virginity in the process.