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Wearing the Scars

Krishna is left to sort the scars of her survival.

The wounds that Ravensbruck inflicted upon her are deeper than anyone can see or comprehend. Knowledge of what she did to persevere weighs heavily on her conscious and she begins to choke on her own reality.

A fierce battle ensues when her mind distorts to the brink of defeat and is confronted by a spirit that never learned to give up. When a familiar face refuses to leave her behind, she must learn to wear her scars or allow the purgatory of her past to consume her.


The Scars of Survival

Born to an era that refuses to accept her kind, Krishna Bauer quickly finds herself on the wrong side of the Gestapo during the hunt for her beloved, Rebekkah.

What love compelled quickly turns into a suffocating nightmare. Nazi intervention places both Krishna and her younger sister Emmalyn on a desperate journey of self- preservation and identity amidst a women’s concentrations camp.

Will the polar-opposite siblings survive the purgatory known as Ravensbruck?

If they do, will they recognize themselves through the scars of their survival?

Must be 18 or older due to abuse and sexual content.