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Cary David Richards is an author, entrepreneur and vintage race car driver from Seattle WA. Cary David spent many years toiling in the high stress world of corporate business to business sales. When a change happened at the top of last corporation he worked for, he and most of the other salespeople in his office became expendable. At first, he was devastated but soon he came to believe that getting “Downsized’ was the best thing that ever happened to him. Set free from the corporate shackles, Cary David focused on his first love; Writing.

Three years later after producing more than 10 Non-Fiction books (Mostly in the simplicity/minimalism space). Cary David decided that his creative heart lay more in the direction of Fiction. Less than a year after that, he realized his dream of publishing his first full length novel. Now, prolific and focused, Cary David’s goal is to produce 4 to 6 high quality, action, suspense, thriller novels every year.

Cary David lives in Seattle, Washington in the scenic and rugged pacific northwestern US with his wife Jeannie. Between them they have raised 5 children and have 4 Grandchildren and counting…

When not writing and or coaching newbie writers in the art of book marketing and list building. Cary loves to compete regionally in vintage, open wheel road racing cars.



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Prelude to Dusty Death

Aging race driver Jenson Stallworth spent most of the prime years of his life chasing a dream that never fully materialized. Now, as whatever talent he possessed fades with the on-rushing years, he’s forced to make some hard decisions. To complicate matters, his third wife is threatening to leave him and his best friend and ex-Navy S.E.A.L. Jeff Delucca, seems to be up to his neck in International assassins and illicit Mexican drug money… Jenson is right in the middle of it all and doesn't know where to turn.