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Women's Fiction


Ebony Brightman

Yassssss honey! Make it rain! Love that title!

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Chasing Bullets

He took a bullet meant for her in the ultimate act of love. Then she ran away from him in the ultimate act of betrayal.
Two years later, Tara Hunter’s easy life in Byron Bay is turned upside down when David Cooper, her ex-police partner, appears and their chequered past comes back to haunt her.
Coop is in town on an undercover mission to prevent a terrorist plot. While he’s recovered physically from the bullet wound, mentally he’s still scarred by her act of deceit.
Reluctantly, Tara is drawn into Coop’s operation to track down a group of extremists hiding in the jungle wilderness, where she soon finds the illicit desire they shared two years ago is back, stronger than ever.
But will she be able to find the courage to tell him she loves him and save him from the brutal terrorist gang?


Chasing Tara

He took a bullet meant for her in the ultimate act of love.

Tara Hunter loves her job as a police officer and she and her partner, David Cooper, make an awesome team. But Cooper is falling in love with Tara, in an illicit attraction.
While undercover at an auction of priceless diamond jewellery, Cooper finds he cannot escape his feelings any longer and declares his love for Tara—just as the auction is hit by a gang of jewellery thieves. One of the thugs’ line Tara up in his sights and pulls the trigger. Cooper does the only thing possible and dives in front of Tara to save her life.
At the hospital, waiting to find out if he’ll live or die, Tara asks herself, would she be prepared to do the same thing to save his life?
The problem is, she doesn’t have the answer.


Rain on a Tin Roof

A city girl lost in the mountains and her reluctant rescuer will have to survive a deadly blizzard if they’re to find what they’ve both been looking for all along.
While out on a short ride city girl, Lana falls from her horse and is knocked unconscious. A large search is organised, but a wild storm is on the way and they’re no closer to finding her.
The last thing Dusty needs is to help search for a missing woman, he’s too busy keeping his struggling farm afloat. Reluctantly, he joins the search and finds Lana dazed and suffering from hypothermia. With the blizzard on the way, he takes her to a tiny hut in the mountains where they can ride out the storm.
What they find out about each other as they spend the night together will shock them both.


Solar Flare

The sun, a solar telescope, and a sunstone necklace will lead Lissa to love.
Lissa loves the sun; wants to follow it to a better, brighter place; a cattle station in the outback. Ace is the station owner’s youngest son. The very gorgeous youngest son. In the end, he’ll risk everything to be with Lissa.

This short story was first published in The Little Gems Short Story anthology 2016. Each year the stories are based on a different gemstone. For 2016 the gemstone was Sunstone and I was thrilled to be included in the 2016 Anthology.


Island Souls

Rosa Avelino has just been granted her lifelong wish – to play the game of Sea Quest. The host of the show, JJ, has never come across a contestant who affects him quite like Rosa does as she challenges his carefully planned life and the rules he lives by. This novella follows the lives of two more characters from the novel Island Redemption. An easy-to-read romantic adventure, which is fast-paced and entertaining, about two lost souls discovering one another.