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The Broken

This title contains heavy issues. Read with caution.

Just when sixteen-year-old River thought life couldn't get any worse, it does. Left with nowhere else to turn, she finds herself trapped with a false savior. Entwining her life with another's leaves her in the last place she should be, an abusive, dangerous relationship with Danny-- permanently ending every chance she had with the only boy she ever loved.
Now, fours years later, and no better off than she was at sixteen, Sammy -- the boy that got away-- returns only to find, River's life bleaker than ever.
He ran away from her when she needed him the most. But unanswered questions have plagued him, and now after seeing her again, the feelings that he pushed into the deep recesses of his heart have reignited into a flame he is confident he can not ignore. When the sparks between Sammy and River finally detonate, it will leave explosive consequences for everyone.