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Peace of Mind - Shortcuts to Inner Peace and Wellness

This beautiful book contains over 30+ tips for finding balance in your everyday life.
Be at peace with yourself and focus calmly on your goals and ambitions.
Success is a mindset away.
So take some time for your peace of mind, and follow the guidelines to enrich your experience.


The Enixar - The Sorcerer's Conquest

A mysterious overlord dominates the countryside of Gramadon after hundreds of years of battles from rival factions.

Using cunning strategy and his magical abilities, he quickly attains total rule over the entire land.

His subjects are fond of him as he provides them with abundant crops and technology they never dreamed of before.

He becomes known as their Sorcerer King.

But all is not well with the new King, as one of his close advisors, Lord Meriaus, finds out there is more to his ambitions that may leave the fate of Gramadon, and the Universe as they know it, in jeopardy.

Is this a red herring?

And if not, is Meriaus willing to go up against his anointed King and risk his status and glory for those who are suffering in silence from the wrath of their leader?