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Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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No Middle Ground (Middleton's Pride, Book 1)

A hard-hitting, character-driven military space opera with a diverse cast of characters who try to hold their crumbling corner of the galaxy with grit, determination, and the will to make the world a better place than they found it.



Guarding an Angel (The Chimera Adjustment: Book 1.5)

After the harrowing events at Philippa temporarily leave Masozi out of action, and with a war looming between President Blanco's forces and the liberty-loving interests arrayed against him, it's up to Jericho to save Eve from a truly epic crash and burn that would leave them without their most capable operator when they will need her most.

Along the way Jericho learns more about Eve's true nature, confronts Union agents bent on securing weapons of mass destruction for Blanco's future use, and deals death to agents working for those who would suppress the freedom of Virgin's people.


Ure infectus

In the far future, humanity has settled the galaxy by using a network of wormholes which allow instantaneous travel between the stars. But what happens when one of those wormholes unexpectedly collapses? How might humanity survive the aftermath of such a calamitous event?

Welcome to the Chimera Sector.

Life is harsh in this corner of the galaxy--and none feel that harshness more than elected officials, whose crimes of Corruption, Tyranny, and Treason are punished by an agency of called the Timent Electorum (translation: Fear The Voters), whose Adjusters dispense their brand of justice with the oldest punishment known to man:

Summary execution.

Follow one such Adjuster and his unlikely ally as they unravel a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the fragile Chimera Sector from within.



The Price of Enlightenment, Part 1 (A Seeds of Humanity Story)

A world controlled by an Empire of wizards. A prophecy thousands of years in the making. A young girl torn from her home and recruited into the very Empire which her forebears opposed. A mysterious stranger whose deadly motives are not what they first appear. A school of magic which is as brutal and unforgiving as it is enlightening.

This is the story of Gilai'el, who pays the price for her forebears' covert opposition to the ever-growing Empire which now controls every corner of her world. Taken at a young age, she is forced to enroll in the very school which trained the wizards who seek to control the fate of that planet. Her trials are many, her triumphs few, but her indomitable spirit and keen mind enable her to not only survive, but to later play a key role in the Cobalt Heresy.