Lyle Nicholson is the author of six novels, two novellas and a short story, as well a contributor of freelance articles to several newspapers and magazines in Canada.

In his former life, he was a bad actor in a Johnny Cash movie, Gospel Road, a disobedient monk in a monastery and a failure in working for others.

He would start his own successful sales agency and retire to write full time in 2011. The many characters and stories that have resided inside his head for years are glad he did.

He lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada with his lovely wife of many years where he indulges in his passion for writing, cooking and fine wines.



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Polar Bear Dawn

Detective Frank Mueller of the Anchorage Police Force flies to an oil camp in Alaska's High Arctic to investigate what is being called a murder-suicide. A man's body was found outside the camp being consumed by a bear. His sister was found strangled to death in her room.

Detective Bernadette Callahan of the RCMP Serious Crimes Division Unit is investigating two bodies that have turned up in a tar pond in Canada's Northern Oil Sands. Both detectives will discover that the deaths are linked and pose a potential threat to North American Oil. They have to work together to convince their superiors what they've uncovered is real.