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Teen & Young Adult

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Shifting Tides

The time of gods has passed. What will become of the children they left behind?

Thelsa returns to her home to find her nereid sisters obsessed with treasure and ignoring their duty to help humans. As the time of gods fades, more and more of the magical beings left behind vanish, absorbed by the modern era.

When a child’s cries for help are ignored, Thelsa takes it upon herself to help him. Little did she know she would meet the towns watchmen, three heroic and determined men whose passion will ignite an answering fire within her heart.

This is the prequel to a book found in the Realms and Rebels box set.


Lucky Penny

Cursed by a witch, Izzy’s thrown through time and space, destined to help others in need.
Izzy finds herself stepping though a portal into a forest, where she meets Sherry, a young girl tormented by a bully at school. Once Sherry picks up Izzy’s coin, they are locked into a deal together where Izzy is compelled to help her. Can Izzy figure out why Sherry is being tormented, or will she be stuck in a home not her own?