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Death & Dust: The Pale Sand Adventures

Death rides on her order and follows his swing...

From the deserts of Hell’s Skin rises two of the greatest evils, staining the sand with blood and fear.

Conjer, a revenant born of sin and spells, is cursed to swing his machete for the dark forces that stitched his horrid body together. Emma, a vampire of insatiable hunger, prowls the night in search of power. Together they are corruption embodied.

But what happens when terrors come out of the desert that are worse than them?

Walk the line between passion and depravity as two of the darkest villains ever to oppress the wastes hunt down insane sorcerers, bloodsucking barons, violent knights, and powerful necromancers in a love story made under crimson skies!


Thief of Destiny

The only way Manwe the Panther can save his homeland is to rob it blind.

Lurking in the shadows of Tolivius’ metropolis, the savannah’s greatest thief has spent years pilfering one Gypian lord after another, fueling a war that will set his native Juutans free. Yet in those same alleys and on the dusty plains he calls home something else has arisen—something with far darker designs.

Chased by an enigmatic sorcerer, Manwe must peel back the shadow of worlds above and below, and on the savannah none will be found innocent. Cutting his way past kings and criminals alike with his cruel iron, the secrets of the earth will be revealed, leaving his entire world shaken.

The revolution has arrived and none will be spared.



Paper Demons

Deep in the heart of enemy territory, at the mercy of a cruel sorceress, Jishnu and his comrades must face their worst fears!

The Grinders Sellsword Company is the finest mercenary outfit in all of Talav, known far and wide for their brutality as well as their ability to complete any mission set before them. Sent into the heart of Shen by the Jade Emperor, Jishnu leads his unit on the hunt for the mysterious Golden Dragon, an illusionist of mysterious power who has raised a rebellion against her sovereign. Lost in the darkened forests, hunted by enemies on all sides, the sellswords will come face to face with something far worse than any army and any spell.

They will go to battle with themselves.