RM Gauthier lives in Ontario, Canada and has a diploma in Film & TV Production.

She began her writing career late in life, which she has been quoted saying, "better late than never." She has two novella's published, Longing & Waiting, and is excitingly awaiting her debut novel released on November 10 2016.

She is part of many writing FB groups and helps run a group called The Indie Writers' Cooperative, which provides her plenty of joy helping other authors anyway she can.


Other (Fiction)

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The Great Escape

A magician on the rise.
A flawless routine.
An act that will change it all.

Aaron, a magician who has everything he’s ever dreamed of, a soaring career, a headlining show of his own and an act that rivals some of the greats.

But on this night, he will risk everything for unknown reasons, leaving him lost and confused.

Is magic really Aaron’s passion, or is he destined for something greater?


Control Preview

This is a Preview of the novel Control (The Mystery of Landon Miller Book 1) You can purchase the book in its entirety from Amazon or read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

How far will you go to save a stranger?

With her marriage in shambles and life not turning out quite as she imagined, Alexandria turns to her best friend for help to snap her out of the slump that's been plaguing her. Instead she finds herself immersed in a world of danger, tangled in a web of deceit, and wrapped in the arms of an unattainable man. When an FBI investigation lands on her doorstep, she's dragged into a world of crime and punishment. With a club full of domineering men, she wonders who is trustworthy and who is capable of murder.

A shocking twist ending you won't believe...



'Longing' is a prequel novella to the novel 'Control', which tells the story of two men coming together, one out for justice, the other revenge.

Leroy, returns home after serving 8 years in the Special Forces to discover his nightmare has not ended, but is just beginning. After discovering that his sister has been missing for months, Leroy sets out on a mission to find and bring her home. Accepting a management position in an exclusive night club exposes Leroy to a world of crime and corruption he had no idea existed.



At 17, Tristan met, Jeremy, the boy of his dreams. At 30, he realizes that Jeremy will never be his. After years of holding everyone up to the Jeremy scale, Tristan is finally, ready to move on and find someone who will love him back. This is a BDSM story.