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Historical Fiction

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Bloody Adventures: Henri

The dark streets of Paris are full of danger.

Henri's fling with the passionate Yvette has left him unsettled. All he wants is to find her, the woman of his dreams, and make a life with her. Her husband has other plans; violent plans.
More than just jilted husbands stand in Henri's way, when vampires prowl through Paris in this exciting short story.


Claimed by Moonlight

A string of missing persons has citizens looking over their shoulders and locking their doors at night. But the next victim has already been chosen.
Kyrie has made a living as a counselor, using her wits and years of schooling to read people. Waking up alone in the woods, with no recollection of how she got there or where her clothes are, throws the good doctor for a loop. She’s not about to let a little memory issue get in the way of her escape, despite the strange circumstances.
Jared has been working on a string of missing persons cases, trying to find the source of the disappearances. What he finds is pale skin, fiery hair, and a woman who makes his heart race.
The stories are true. The legends are real. Prey becomes predator under the full moon’s light in this preview story!