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Excerpt of Some Can See

This is not a full-length novel. It is an excerpt from the novel, Some Can See.

The dead have stories to tell. Are you willing to listen?
On a sunny August morning, in 1935, thirteen-year-old Sophia Gray finds her friend Rosemary wandering in the woods. Rosemary’s yellow dress is tattered and stained, she walks with a strange lurch, and her eyes are vacant and glassy. She beckons to Sophia, desperate to show her something, and Sophia follows.
In an abandoned cabin, beneath a tattered blanket, Sophia discovers Rosemary’s body.
It was not Rosemary who led her there, but Rosemary’s ghost.



Kerry Manor: A Northern Michigan Asylum Short Story

In 1901, a fire broke out in Kerry Manor killing the family trapped within. Sixty years later, Delila and Christie sneak off to the abandoned mansion for a midnight adventure. Their escapade turns sinister when Delila realizes the house is not empty after all.

Do you believe in ghosts?



Beneath the Willow: A Short Story Prequel to the Born of Shadows Series

The girls don't go into that part of the woods. Until one day Becky does. She encounters a terrifying sight, a woman that is more monster than human. Becky knows little of the mysteries that surround her, but soon she will discover that magic and evil lurk just beyond the trees.

Don't miss this eerie, short story prequel to the Urban Fantasy Series Born of Shadows by J.R. Erickson.