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My Dirty Janitor Book 1: Chinned: An Oral Sex Adventure

After meeting with a friend for drinks, Ginny takes the subway home. Upon arriving at her station, she needs to pee like a damn leek under water and beelines it for the restroom only to find the janitor cleaning it--a very hot janitor, that is. He tells her the facilities are closed, but unable to hold it any longer, she goes anyway with him still cleaning away. When she sees there's no toilet paper, she complains to him. Fortunately, the janitor knows a better way to help clean her up. How convenient. Her boyfriend just broke up with her after she told him she had just such a fantasy. Great timing!

There's cunning in a pointed chin. (German Proverb)

This 4200-word, long story made short, contains explicit sexual scenes of sloppy cunnilingus.

For mature audiences 18+