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Bought and Sold: Book Two of the Larkspur Series

Letting his head fall back, Aden exposed his collared throat. Tenderly, possessively, Kristoffer closed his hand around it in a firm and even squeeze. He pressed Aden’s breath out of him, careful not to coil too tightly, to savor rather than rush. Aden held Kristoffer’s wrist and wet his lips, sucking in a shaky breath.

“I’ll be your dog,” he said, voice broken and brittle. “If it means you’re mine.”

“Always,” Kristoffer answered between Aden’s lips. “I’m yours.”



Caught and Collared: Book One of the Larkspur Series

"Where Kristoffer was concerned, Aden knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted to kneel at Kristoffer’s feet like a loyal dog. He wanted to offer his wrists up to be bound by rope or cable, held over his head or tied behind his back. He wanted to give himself up, open and empty, to be filled with whatever Kristoffer had to give him. Aden wanted to be owned, just as he had been when he was eighteen."