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Science Fiction
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Tides of Empire

A sinister tide is coming.

For centuries, the Jin-song have held back the massive wave of superpowered gifteds threatening to destroy the natural order of life in the world. But while gifteds grow stronger, the Jin-song is on the verge of collapse.

Hope exists in the form of Ren Yi, whose scarred heart carries the fate of the Jin-song. Some consider Ren an alchemic savant and strategic genius. But much more doubt his leadership, including himself.

In the struggle to save the Jin-song, Ren learns he must sacrifice those he holds dear, including the girl he loves most. Will he choose the love of his life? Or will he forsake his people to save her?

This stirring novella in the Eden Factions series is meant to be read after book #1, Eden Wakes, but is a standalone story.