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Teaching Him to Take it (Like a Man)

18+ only, this sexy story is about Brad, an inexperienced and handsome young man. The Man of the House doesn’t realise he’s developed feelings for Brad, until he comes home and finds him making love to another man.
Driven by his jealousy, will the older man give in to his true nurturing & loving feelings or will he be trapped by his conservative Christian upbringing?



Coming home from university

Returning home from uni during reading week Jake feels all grown up, he's been in the big world experimenting with guys and having a total blast since he left home. His Dad, a widower of nearly ten years, however, has been so lonely since his only son left home. In this horny 5,000-word short story son seduces Daddy story, Jake brings the excitement of youth and the things he's learned at university to cheer up his father in the horniest, most intimate way possible.