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Five Little Horrors

Macabre fiction in the short form here. These five little horrors include voodoo cake decoration, a dentist, alien vampires, human sacrifice and a fly, or is it the Lord of the Flies? Best read in broad daylight.


Fixing Forcalquier

When a Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Jurassic era and an American businessman from the 21st century are magically transported to mediaeval Provence they threaten to change the past and imperil the future. A celestial entity called the Fixer sends the sorcerer Orph and his wily assistant Orcas to sort things out and put history back on track. Aided by a cobbler's apprentice and his family they soon get involved with the court of Count Guilham of Forcalquier and his lovely daughter Garsenda. Then they have to deal with the most fearsome predator ever to walk the Earth! A ripping yarn with touches of humour, Fixing Forcalquier is an adventure young adults will enjoy, and older adults, too.


Arnos Hell

Bob Harding is a health advisor at an NHS helpline in a call centre built on a graveyard. One Halloween night, a disgruntled spectre locks the staff in and announces he's going to kill them all. To save himself, his colleagues and his girlfriend Bob must overcome his greatest fear. A spooky supernatural tale laced with humour.


Consarn Christmas and Other Stories

Consarn Christmas and Other Stories contains eight science-fiction stories by Eamonn Murphy which were originally published in Perihelion SF magazine and one extra. They feature time travel, robots, a Dystopian future and an alien invasion. This is over thirty thousand words of fun, readable SF in the tradition of the Golden Age.


Choices and Other Stories

Choices and Other Stories by Eamonn Murphy is a mixed bag of fantasy tales, many with a touch of romance. Inside you will find a builder who meets his match when he picks up a witch in a bar; A girl haunted in the Mountains of Mourne; another who discovers that the villagers in her new home have a strange secret. There's also a wayward sexist who gets his comeuppance, a duck that won't lay eggs, brick eating worms from outer space and an 18th-century love triangle. This is a light-hearted collection for the gentle reader.


All You Need is Yesterday

SF short story. In a Dystopian future London, desperate survivors of a nuclear war find hope when they discover a cryogenic facility where the best people from the past were frozen: heroes who could help them rebuild civilization. But to get to it and waken the great ones they must battle their way through hordes of deadly mutants.