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Consarn Christmas and Other Stories

Consarn Christmas and Other Stories contains eight science-fiction stories by Eamonn Murphy which were originally published in Perihelion SF magazine and one extra. They feature time travel, robots, a Dystopian future and an alien invasion. This is over thirty thousand words of fun, readable SF in the tradition of the Golden Age.


Choices and Other Stories

Choices and Other Stories by Eamonn Murphy is a mixed bag of fantasy tales, many with a touch of romance. Inside you will find a builder who meets his match when he picks up a witch in a bar; A girl haunted in the Mountains of Mourne; another who discovers that the villagers in her new home have a strange secret. There's also a wayward sexist who gets his comeuppance, a duck that won't lay eggs, brick eating worms from outer space and an 18th-century love triangle. This is a light-hearted collection for the gentle reader.