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O Captain, My Captor (The Queen's Runner, Episode 1)

Introducing a world of high adventure and dark secrets, where the days are filled with wonder and the nights are consumed by lust.

Lorelei, sixth princess of the Proserpian Tropic, is a mermaid. Or she used to be, until she awakens one morning to find herself captured and bound in the cabin of a strange ship, her tail replaced by two new, inexperienced legs.

Her captor, the capricious Captain Vine, wastes no time in introducing the confused young maiden to the sensations of living in the world above the water — and to her own hidden desires, the depths of which run far deeper and stronger than either of them first realize.

Will Lorelei cling to the safe and familiar world she's always known, or allow herself to be swept up in a rising tide of strange adventure and intense passion?