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Shane Honorae is an author of M/M Mpreg fiction.

When he's not writing about boys in love, he's slaving away as a web developer, or out fossil hunting and fishing with his dog.

For book updates and new release info check out his Facebook:


Historical Romance

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The Winter Omega (MPreg Shifter Prologue)

(Short story. Approx 24 pages.)

Heavily pregnant and surrounded by enemies, Frost's one chance of survival is his mate.

Even being a prized Omega couldn't save Frost from being driven out of his pack. No one wanted an unlucky white "Winter Wolf" attracting humans and other dark creatures of the night.

Then Frost met his mate, a kitsune shifter who loves him despite his unlucky fur.

Kane is dashing, brave, and clever. With hard times ahead and a pup on the way, he has a plan that’s just insane enough to work: hide their pup and themselves by giving up everything, including their shifter powers…

…But some things aren’t so easily buried…

The Winter Omega is a short and sexy prologue to the upcoming The Night Pack series.