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Xandra Owens' mission is to explore the taboo sexual desires we all harbor, so that these fantasies no longer feel so taboo. Owens’ books are often inspired by her own fantasies or real-life experiences. What separates a Xandra Owens book from others in its genre is its realism: the dominant character with a weakness; the beautiful young woman who's yet to hold her head high. Owens writes to remind us all that sexual fantasy is real, and that two people who share it create some of the most meaningful moments of our lives.


Women's Fiction


Golden Angel

With a title of "Beatings from my Billionaire" how can I resist? This looks HOT!

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Beatings from My Billionaire

Olivia Class is set to become a legendary screenwriter. But first, she must overcome self-doubt, procrastination and a suspicion that having success means selling out. That’s before she meets a man who changes her outlook.

Edmond Rockwell has no match in Hollywood. Powerful and well-connected, he privately harbors a predilection for helping budding young female writers embrace their full potential.

When Edmond meets Olivia, he must have her. But after she decides to move in with him, Olivia learns who really has the power. Through a series of private lessons in Edmond’s dungeon, Olivia learns to face Hollywood’s hardest audience: the producers and publishers who try to use Olivia’s talent for their own gain. Can Edmond show Olivia how to stand up for herself, even as he beats her down?