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Jenny O'Brien

Set across France and England in the time of Napoleon, this fast paced romance will keep you guessing right until the end

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Sing It To Her Bones

Escaping to a remote, quiet village is just what Hannah Ives needed after recovering from a life-threatening illness.

But she soon discovers that even the smallest towns have secrets, and when a body is found, Hannah soon finds herself drawn into a web of intrigue and crime...

'Sing It To Her Bones' is an engrossing and poignant mystery, the first book of a highly reviewed series that you won't be able to put down.


The Rake and His Honour

1813 France.

Louise Fauriel, a beautiful young woman from a family who support the monarchy, is on the run from Napoleon's secret police.

Arnaut, a loyal supporter of the king, is also trying to escape Napoleon's reign of terror.

They both seek refuge in a cave in the countryside, unaware that this chance encounter will forever change their lives...

This sweeping historical saga starring the brave Louise and rakish Arnaut is a must read for any fan of romance, intrigue and French history.


The Land of Green Ginger

Joanna Burton, a missionary’s daughter, grows up dreaming of the far-off lands she will visit, of grand adventures to come.

At eighteen, tall and golden-haired, she meets Teddy Leigh, a young man on his way to the trenches of the First World War. Their love is sudden and passionate. But when Teddy returns, Joanna's dreams of foreign countries slip into the distance as she struggles with motherhood, a ramshackle Yorkshire farm and a husband who returned from the war with mental and physical wounds.

Joanna retreats into her imaginative world when reality becomes insupportable.

A stirring romance set in the dramatic landscape of Yorkshire, and the tragic but heroic time of the Great War.



London, 1873. Walter Balanchine returns home from his travels with an air of mystery and magic about him. His lockets, potions and spells soon attract a favourable audience in Victorian London. But a labyrinthine path of sorcery, scandal and mortal danger unfolds when Walter encounters the beautiful and brooding Tamara.


Scare Me

“When did you last google yourself, Mr Frost?”

Will Frost, successful businessman and happy family man, is woken to a disturbing midnight caller who asks him just that question.

When Will goes online, he finds a website has been set up in his name, showing photographs of the inside of his home, along with photographs of six houses he’s never seen before.

In the first of these strange houses, a gruesome murder has already taken place. Will is then told that his own family is in mortal danger.

The only way he can keep them safe is to visit each of the houses on the website in person – before the police discover what has happened there.

Seven houses.

Seven gruesome homicides.

Seven chances to save his daughter’s life…