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Jade McCulloch is an urban fantasy and paranormal romance writer who was born and raised in Louisiana. She was always a story teller and went on to develop a love for writing at an early age, often setting her stories in Louisiana. As she got older she fell in love with the Urban Fantasy genre. She began working on her debut novel, Zombie Bite, while attending college. When she finishes college she plans to get a career in journalism, but for now she has a job in sales. She has two little min pin dogs that she refers to as her little editors. When she’s not writing she enjoys playing video games and can often be found streaming on twitch or YouTube. She also loves watching movies on Netflix and she has a special love for the show Supernatural.


Science Fiction

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The Fortune Teller's Gift (SAMPLE)

When she was five Kenzie Romero was kidnapped and gifted with the ability to see ghosts. Now that she’s older the cruel talent haunts every aspect of her life. Not only does she have to deal with spirits nagging her because they all seem to want something, but most of her friends and family have shunned her. She’s stuck at a dead-end job, because no one wants to hire the weird girl who talks to herself. She’s just trying to blend in when her former friend shows up asking for her help. Amber, the young woman who turned her back on Kenzie in high school, is afraid there’s something in her house. When Kenzie investigates she starts having visions. Terrible visions of a woman who looks almost identical to Amber. Will Kenzie be able to figure out what happened to the woman before it’s too late?