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Scott Bartlett was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland – the easternmost province of Canada. During his decade-long journey to become a full-time author, he supported himself by working a number of different jobs: salmon hatchery technician, grocery clerk, youth care worker, ghostwriter, research assistant, pita maker, and freelance editor. In 2014, he succeeded in becoming a full-time novelist, and he’s been writing science fiction at light speed ever since. His latest complete series is the space opera trilogy titled The Ixan Prophecies. Book 1 of that series, Supercarrier, sold well enough that Amazon’s Kindle Press made an offer to publish it a few months later. Scott loves hearing from readers, so feel free to send him an email at


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Science Fiction

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Stranded in a hostile galaxy, with only one liveable planet within reach. Turns out it's occupied.

Seaman Gabriel Roach is determined to make a name for himself in the distant galaxy to which Darkstream was exiled, so he's disappointed when the inhabitants of the only liveable planet turn out to be peaceful.

Then, without warning, furious war erupts between humanity and the ferocious Quatro. Suddenly, Gabe has way more on his hands than he bargained for. If he can't figure out a way to carve out a home for his fellow exiles, then they will all die in the void of deep space - cold and alone.



Humanity’s survival depends on a barely functional warship

Captain Warren Husher may make decisions Command doesn't like, but they can't deny he's the best. That's why, even when his carrier is nearly destroyed by the Ixa, they order him to take it on what is probably the most important mission of the war.

Command has decided that humanity will surrender to the Ixa, throwing itself on their mercy. Captain Husher is sent to negotiate that surrender.

But Husher has no intention of yielding. Instead, he will take his battered warship into battle against the greatest enemy humanity has ever known, and he will make them pay.


Captain and Command

A Surprise Attack on the Galaxy's Best Hope

Captain Husher is assigned to the Arrowwood System in order to oversee the hasty transition to a new model of fighter. The Python class starfighter is seen as the Fleet's best hope for stemming the heavy losses already taken during the brutal Gok Wars.

But the Gok have learned about the Arrowwood System, and they've deployed an enormous force there without warning. The Gok know that decimating Arrowwood will deal a devastating blow to the fledgling Interstellar Union. If Captain Husher can't repel the Gok attack, the greatest project the galaxy has ever known will crash to a deadly halt.