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A Girl in Time (Sample)

On the eve of a huge, breakout success, a poor but brilliant young game developer is pulled out of her world, and time itself, by a cowboy desperately searching for the daughter he lost two hundred years ago.

Cady McCall is ready to be rich and famous. She has sacrificed everything, putting her work ahead of family and friends. Now with mad success and huge wealth so close she can taste it, her life is blown apart by Deputy Marshal John 'Titanic' Smith, the man who rescues her from two muggers, only to carry her off into history. Lost on the seas of time, Smith is desperate to get home to his family in 1876, and now Cady is lost along with him, facing danger and finding love in Victorian London, Ancient Rome and in the near-future America of President for Life


Stalin's Hammer: Rome

In 2021 a disastrous wormhole experiment throws an aircraft carrier battlegroup back in time to 1942, disrupting the history of the 20th Century. Now, ten years after the war, Stalin controls half of Europe and wants the rest under his boot.
In Rome, Prince Harry, formerly of the SAS, is assigned to extract a Russian defector with intelligence about a new Soviet super-weapon.