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Dirty Barry

The first casualty of adultery is … the tooth!

Nuance... subtlety... subtext?
Wrong author, pal. This is Scotland, not Narnia.

There's a bad guy - you won't like him at all (the clue's in the title) and he gets what's coming to him. The fun is watching the comedy and misunderstandings that lead up to it... and the cast of characters who inhabit the story.

Cullen is an offbeat loner with a highly individual sense of right and wrong.
Barry Sullivan is a sordid dentist who resorts to blackmail to keep his string of married women compliant. But now Cullen has toothache - and a very different interpretation of the dental code of practice.

The Tartan Hiaasen strikes again with a tale that roars along, and will have you roaring along with it!