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Teen & Young Adult

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Fourteen year old Ash confides in her anonymous chatroom friends more than her real life ones, as the anonymous virtual world can be easier to deal with.

In her real world, a new girl with questionable motives joins her close group of school friends they call the A-Team. And with her ‘in-between’ body compared to others her age, she can’t understand why she is getting so much attention from boys.

At the same time, maybe she spills too much online, as some trusted chatroom friends turn out to be dangerously fake. Who can she turn to? The line between the online and real world become disastrously blurred. Life gets far too stressful to deal with.

The brilliant debut novel from Ashley Hanover, set in New Zealand



The Fairy-Pixie War - Book 2, Lily's War

Another shorter novella, this book is a direct follow-on from "The Fairy-Pixie War - Book 1, Ella’s War. The Orcs from the other side of the mountain range see the valley in disarray following the ending of the Fairy-Pixie War. They take advantage of this and launch an attack to take over the whole valley.

Ella’s 16-year-old sister Lily is caught up in the new war in an unexpected way. She is captured by the Orcs and learns critical information that she needs to get back to her people. But that’s not easy, as she is trapped in their camp, with the war raging back in her valley.



The Fairy-Pixie War

The Fairies and the Pixies are at war. Ella is an 18-year-old Fairy who is far more focused on her forthcoming marriage than the war raging around her. That is until her fiance is listed as missing in action and she goes off to find him. Ella accidentally becomes a central figure in the war that is destroying her valley.

This is a novella, written for a young boy who said he would never read a story about fairies unless it had 'war in it'. It worked - he read it.