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Selah J Tay-Song is living proof that if you persevere, you’ll catch your dreams. She decided to be an author at the age of six. Today she is the author of the Dreams of QaiMaj series, an epic fantasy series described as magical, poetic and engrossing. When she’s not writing, she’s stalking the urban river otters that live less than a mile from her home in the Pacific Northwest.



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Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern (Book I in the Dreams of QaiMaj Series) Preview

Fire magic destroyed the ice kingdom. But it didn’t kill her. Now only she can save what remains of her people . . .

Princess Stasia is the first Dreamer born in centuries in the underground ice kingdom of Iskalon. On the eve of war, she disobeys her father, outruns the infuriatingly handsome captain of her guard, and ventures into the tunnels of the enemy to seek the place foretold in her Dreams. Will her discovery save Iskalon—or will a legendary threat destroy her people? If you like the vivid cast of Assassin’s Apprentice, the detailed world-building of The Way of Kings, and the gritty realism of Game of Thrones, you’ll love this book! Enter a world of legend and prophecy, love and war, loyal friendships and cold betrayals, where salvation might just be worse than destruction.


Fisher: A Short Story

Please enjoy this complimentary short story! In Fisher, the cavernous ice world of Iskalon is introduced when a young man in the fishing guild suffers a mishap and meets one of the mysterious, powerful magic users: an Icer. Enjoy this short introduction to the Dreams of QaiMaj series.