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Jemma looks like all the other students at her private school in London, but she has something different underneath her uniform--wings. Half-human and half-faerie in a world where faeries hide their wings due to prejudice by humans, Jemma does her best to fit in with her classmates. She's lucky to have a best friend, Kate, who accepts her despite the extra appendages, but when Jemma sets her sights on star footballer, Matthew Taylor, she knows something has to give. She dreams of becoming wingless, and when Kate discovers a doctor who can perform the risky operation, Jemma is excited about the chance for a normal existence. Just as she dares to hope for a brighter, wingless future, a faerie is found murdered in Epping Forest, and Jemma realizes she is running out of time.


Countdown Cafe

In this speculative fiction short story reminiscent of The Twilight Zone, a teenager grieving the death of her twin sister stumbles across an unusual coffee shop only to discover that its inhabitants aren't quite who they seem. This contemporary story with a paranormal twist is from the award-winning anthology, Tick Tock: 7 Tales of Time, which was named a Finalist for the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Award in the Anthology category.