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Scared on Carey Place in the Haunted Hatchet House

On the eve of Halloween, children roam Carey Place, searching for Kelly Carey. But they’re too late. A maniac with a hatchet took her life and spilt her blood, staining the porch red. Now she haunts the swings of the playground. Or so that’s the lore of Carey Place.
There’s more to this spooky ghost story and amateur sleuth, Nicole Scott has heard the truth of what really happened that night. She has the unnatural ability to see and hear ghosts. Through her, Kelly tells the children to stay inside, stay safe, and don’t be the next victim of the Millennial Maniac.
Set in a small town of curiously quirky paranormal residents this short story is a standalone. It’s written to give you the reader an extended experience of the characters of Nikki Henley’s series, Curious in Eubanks.