I am a science fiction writer and author. I started writing stories in elementary school with a close friend. I love the idea of science making life better for everyone on the planet. I waited for my first career in high tech product marketing to end before I pursued writing science fiction stories full-time. When I finished my sixth full length science fiction novel, The Guardians - Book 3, I am happy to say I found my Writer’s Style and Voice in this book. The best advice I received from a Literary Agent was to read what others in your field are writing and learn from them. To that end I write science fiction book reviews on interesting authors and list them on I can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and I have my own Website for science fiction readers. Drop me a line when you find a story you like.


Science Fiction

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The Guardians - Threat Of Extinction

The Guardians – Threat Of Extinction begins with a Lataran Guardianship leaving their home planet on a mission to investigate a report that one of their protector planets had been attacked by a new enemy alien race called the Tyrax who have invaded their star systems. First Commander Òmon is in charge of the Guardianship named Poltara. What Òmon finds on the mission is abhorrent to his species.

The Tyrax would not negotiate for peace. They seemed intent upon eliminating any race they discovered to take control of the planet for themselves. This act of extreme annihilation could not be tolerated and the Latarans were now at war with the Tyrax. Not only were the Tyrax determined to destroy the Lataran people, they used a new terraforming weapon on every world they attacked to make it suitable for their species.


UTOPIAS - The Plague Wars

The Plague Wars began in 2084 due to the Climate Crisis which caused many diseases to spring up worldwide. The World Federation (WF) sent Peacekeeper troops to hot spots around the world to try and reduce tensions among fighting countries. The United Americas Continent (UAC) sent soldiers from Fort Leonard Wood (FLW) to India to prevent the Chinese from forcing India to join the Eurasia Federation under the control of the autocratic leader, Premier Tung Wing.

Colonel Luis Martin served with soldiers under General Bradley Clark from FLW in the disputed Ladakh Region in northern India. The Chinese Army invaded India from the north forcing the Indian Armed Forces and the WF Peacekeeper troops to retreat after a fierce battle as they tried to prevent the capital city, New Delhi, from falling into Chinese hands.


Nanomachine War - Nanotech Terror Weapon

The Qumru are a peaceful alien race. They are advanced spacefaring people who never interfere with other alien races and try to avoid hostile races such as the Yoyka. For the past two centuries the two races have left each other alone in peace. This changed suddenly when the Yoyka attacked Qum without warning with a new nanotech terror weapon.

The weapon was made of semi-intelligent nanomachines that are contagious upon contact. The nanomachines are designed to only attack a specific race based on their genome DNA. The nanomachines replicate inside the body, invade the mind and can be controlled over quantum transmission links (QTL). Once infected, the person becomes highly infectious and the nanomachines spread rapidly by touch or by breathing the air around them.