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Caught By The Dragon

Lena the Thief

I live an interesting existence - wielding my unique skills via a lucrative if questionable profession.
If life is a bit lonely now and then, I can handle it.
After all, there are worse problems to have than this yawning hunger to belong that I've had all my life - right?
Going to the ground after my latest successful job, I never expected to encounter a dragon.
He makes the hunger go away, he makes me want to belong - to Him!

Drekk the Dragon, the primordial beast.

Throughout this endless life ,in so many places, always did I seek her.
Now beyond hope, I have found her.
She is my heart.
Never will I let her go. In all ways she is mine and I will do anything to own her. Anything.
She is MY Treasure. Mine.

Warning: Mature content



Ahead of the Deeps : Sneak Peek

Seventeen-year old Ingrid might be a Princess, but she'd rather be a tomboy. A Curse assails her kingdom, Maccadia, but when the bitter secret behind her parents' estrangement explodes in her face, Ingrid has to go on a quest. Alone!

On her way, she encounters a gorgeous moody mage warped by the Curse into a sexually ravenous satyr. Ingrid needs help only he can give: is she willing to pay his price?

'Ahead of the Deeps' is Book One of the Maccadian Reverse Harem Fantasy Trilogy. It has mature content and will have the heroine paired up with four delicious alpha men boasting deadly powers!



Stalk Me Royal : Preview


I’ve always had a thing for older men.
But DeMarco Vondra is no ordinary man. He's the forbidding and enigmatic Crown Prince of Aberaron—a man respected and feared all over the Three Kingdoms.
I want him.
I crave him.
But he doesn’t seem to know I exist…


She may be a Princess, but she’s young.
If I take her now, I’d eat her alive.
But she turns the heat on, teasing me with her sultry eyes and come-hither looks...
I've had enough! That little minx is going to get what’s coming to her if I have anything to do with it...

Stalk Me Royal is an erotic contemporary royal romance novel with an MF HEA and no cheating. It is book one of the Three Kingdom series.



Roar For Me : Sneak Peek


I had everything I could ever want.
But what do you know? One unforgettable dawn, treacherous fate tears it all away from me. Whoever said that revenge is a cure for loss is a fucking liar. Every second is an eternity in hell until I meet her.


This Christmas is going to be lonely. After all, I’ve lost the only parent I had. But something pulls at my gut, draws me all the way out to Clearwater. The quaint shifter town seems nice enough, though strangely familiar, when I meet a werebear in the oddest way…

Roar For Me is a sexy and sweet, low-drama paranormal romance novella in the Clearwater Werebear series.


Sought By The Lion : Sneak Peek

Beauty and the Beast meets Regency Romance!

Eighteen-year old Regency society debutante Mia Gray lives in the shadows of her family’s indifference and neglect. When her parents push her kicking and screaming into a marriage of convenience with Lord Barghurr - a disquieting, menacing male who is a scary meld of man and beast, her every instinct screams out in terror! Suddenly life as she knows it is turned upside down!

Ideal for readers of Evangeline Anderson, Mandy M. Roth, Elizabeth Amber and Michelle Pillow.