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Jazzed Up A New Orleans Romance Novel

WARNING; there are men in this world that make a woman wonder whether or not they are actually of this world…with, shall we say, ‘talents’ in the fine art of touch, of romance, and of pleasure, these men can drive a woman to the brink of her sanity. Proceed with caution.

“Jazzed Up” by Pahkee Dhillon welcomes you to the jazzy enchantment the city of New Orleans is so famous for. This book draws you in and casts a spell of seduction and intrigue. Unsuspectingly, Lucy Daniels finds herself lost in the clandestine trance a visit to Lady Creole Evangeline has her wrapped up in. When Lucy suddenly meets a man so full of secrets and seduction that she believes she belongs only to him, she soon forgets the broken heart that sent her to New Orleans in the first place.