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Too Shy to Bear

Gus MacDonald is a big guy—even among werebears. The love of his life—beautiful, charming and very human, Felicia—is only 5’2, and Gus feels like an awkward oaf every time he gets near her. His bear had wanted her since the first time they met and he’s loved her for years, but she was untouchable. Until now.

The years of longing looks that sweet, demure, spit-fire Felicia Cole has been getting from the giant Gus has had her brain wrapped up with him and unable to think of anyone else. But, no matter how many opportunities she’s given him, no matter how many times she’s shamelessly flirted with him, he’s never stepped up. She’s done wanting someone she can’t have while every girl around claims to have taken a taste. That’s why it’s time to leave Honeycomb Valley. Forever.