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Dean Floyd is the pen name of a bald, bearded and ruggedly handsome white man who was born, raised, and resides in The Bay Area. He figured out he wanted to be an author when nothing else he was doing was putting food on the table for his family.

After seven years of uphill battles, he brings you The Saga of the Shamrock Samurai in all its unabashedly action-packed, monster slashing, damsel-not-so-in-distress glory.




Richard Gradner

Great cover, exciting premise!

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Tough Luck - Saga of the Shamrock Samurai - Folktale 1

Portal Fantasy meets Supernatural Thriller

The name’s Sean O’Farrell, and I’m supposed to be lucky. If you couldn’t tell by the name I’m Irish. Irish American that is. I’ve only had the bad kind of luck lately.

I’m just a normal high school graduate trying to figure out how to be an adult. In the meantime I’m juggling homework, a possible girlfriend, a screaming Banshee, and a black wizard.

If I don’t figure out how to stop the Banshee, she might not only kill me but my mom and little brother too. Luckily I’ve got a samurai sword, my dad’s old gun, and possibly a little magic…