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Touch Me: A fun, steamy romance.

A crazy dare.
A sexy disguise.
And Jane’s life is changed forever!
After swearing off men, Jane’s stunning stiletto collection become her only passion and she begins to ponder her future as a crazy cat lady. But one wild night, insanity takes hold and she dresses in a sexy disguise, creates a new persona and hooks up with an old flame. With her bold new confidence, Jane doesn’t even recognise herself.
The radical experience is hot. Mind-blowing. Completely nuts. And reeling from her awakening, she’s set a challenge by her best friend, Lolita, who is wilder than a bunch of women on a girly weekend. In disguise, Jane must have a raunchy experience every week for an entire year. Things don’t always go to plan though, and these hilariously, horny romps prove to be as steamy as they are fun.