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Women's Fiction

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My Pinup Girl

Hunter Westley has just gotten out of a relationship and is not looking to get in another one. He's fixing up his late grandfather’s farm and trying to expand it. With a lot on his plate, the last thing Hunter needs is a distraction. When a city girl moves in next door, Hunter can't help but be enamored with the blond beauty.
They have a chance meeting when she needs rescuing. After saving his damsel in distress Hunter can't help but ask her out on a date.
They experience a night neither of them will forget. From then on they are inseparable. That is until Hunter's farm becomes in jeopardy. With his attention on saving his home, he lets down Lenora when she needs him the most. Will they be torn apart forever or will Hunter have to rescue his Pinup Girl once more?



My Hookup Girl

Evie Walker’s life is finally falling into place. Her career is on the rise, she’s surrounded by her friends and has an apartment in the heart of downtown Dallas. Evie feels she’s finally escaped her rough and tumultuous past.
However, she didn’t prepare for Jake Westley. He’s as mysterious as he is handsome. They kindle a searing sensual affair. Evie begins to unravel Jake’s secrets. With their pasts catching up with them, can they save each other? Or will their past rip them apart, leaving them even more broken than before?