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Taste Me: The Thinking Woman's Erotica

TASTE ME is a sampler of my first three novels: Cherry Pie Cure (a lol rom-com), Consequences (an erotic tragedy with a happy ending--I insist that's a thing), and Tell Me (an erotic romance for those who thought Fifty Shades of Grey was YA, and THIS is what erotica for grown-ups should read like). It also includes a preview of the first episode of Text Me, Cupid (coming December 2018), as well as three stand-alone short pieces, "Therapy," "The Shy Girls’ Guide to Sexting," and "An Interlude for an Orgasm," as well as a hot outtake from Consequences, "A Walk in the Woods."

I write tragedy for those who like to laugh, comedy for the melancholy, and erotica for people who like their fantasies real. What are you in the mood for?