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Michael (Book 2 in the Mount Harrison Trilogy)

An archangel hoping to commit the unthinkable On a mission sent from God, the archangel Michael has returned from the heavens down to Earth dead-set on accomplishing his goal to kill a child… But Liam is no ordinary child, he is the most remarkable creation the world has ever known, born from parents who just so happen to be a couple of low-level deities unbeknownst to themselves. The traditional roles of good and evil are not just flipped, but rewritten in this action-packed thriller!

Michael is scheduled to be released in early 2018.


Lovienthal Montague Spiritual Detective

Lovienthal and a rag-tag group of friends find themselves trying to survive the zombie apocalypse after their trailer park is overtaken by hordes of the undead. They then have to ban together to make it through a hair-raising journey to sanctuary. This is story as well follows alternating chapters of Air Force Commander Weiland Brayzack, as he uncovers the conspiracy of what caused the living dead to reanimate.


Autumn Harvest... A celebration of Halloween and the Macabre

Autumn Harvest: A Celebration of Halloween and the Macabre… brings together all the fun things that may have scared you as a kid about Halloween while taking those stories a step further by adding a new dimension that will horrify and sicken you as an adult.

In this creepy and dark humored anthology consisting of a dozen or so short-fiction pieces and the Novella, “A Pumpkins’ Halloween” you will be catapulted back into the world you remember as a child where ghost, vampires, zombies, all kinds of boogeymen were real. You will also experience a new form of terror as an adult in reading these stories because many of the villains that these tales encompass could be easily pulled right out of the headlines.

Warning: Autumn Harvest is NOT a children's book!!!


A Pumpkins' Halloween

A Pumpkins' Halloween is a tale of four stories to be told by a group of talking Jack-o'-lanterns on Halloween night. It features stories of zombies, ghosts, witches, serial killers, bad parenting, and sadistic children in a light-hearted but sinister ways.


In the Forest of Light and Dark (Book 1 in the Mount Harrison Trilogy)

Seventeen year-old Cera Singer has moved from her hometown of Saraland, Alabama in the Deep-South to her deceased grandmother's house in Mount Harrison, New York. Soon, Cera discovers that she comes from a long line of witches and has to develop new powers within her in order to fight an evil witches that haunts the forest behind her new home.