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May Day (The Erelong Trilogy Book II)

Storm has discovered a shocking secret hidden in plain sight. One the world can never be told...

A hard SF follow-up to the thriller Jubilee Year.

Storm Elliot and corporal Sean Cameron are on a mission to warn Sydney that an unthinkable natural disaster is about to strike. A sudden geographic pole shift is imminent. To survive the tsunamis, people must travel inland, but the two men find the city a fortress under the control of brutal government forces. A nuclear submarine crosses the Pacific with a very special cargo. A bizarre experiment is about to target the rebellion. Storm and his companions have their work cut out for them... Ancient forces far stronger than governments are at play in what is a multilayered, deadly game. The Sun's tiny sister star is their ultimate weapon.



The Girl With Two Names

Self-obsessed Japanese icon, Yayoi, appears to have it all. Fame, fortune, and a celebrity marriage... But she has a hole where her heart should be.

At home she has an abusive husband, and at work an oppressive recording contract with J-BIG Corp, a company controlled by her husband's family that crushes her creativity. And, she's still haunted by the tsunami that swept away her mother and her village.

Viciously assaulted while on a film shoot in New Zealand, she flees her husband aided by Bill a young corporate attorney. Furious, her husband employs two mercenaries to pursue the pair through the wilds of the East coast. Unaware of the deadly nature of the chase, the two fugitives quickly form a bond that develops into a heated and desperate romance.



Jubilee Year (The Erelong Trilogy Book I)

Storm is able to remember everything, and he hates it. Some memories are best forgotten. 

His girlfriend's father, an astronomer, has asked him to deliver a coded message far too frightening to be written down. They don't know a powerful few will do anything to keep the world from finding out how bad things are going to get.

Death squads, the giant beneath Parliament House, a nemesis from outer space, and even the forthcoming apocalypse... are all supposed to be a secret.

Yet, signs of trouble are everywhere. Brilliant green meteors streak over the outback. The freakish weather grows more extreme. World war is on the horizon. 

Storm races against time to gather up all that's dearest to him. But, the price of survival is one an 18-year-old farm boy could never imagine.