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My Secret Werewolf Lover (a short hot paranormal romance)

She saves him from hunters, and his response is smoking hot…

Shawna is alone in the woods when an injured wolf stumbles into her campsite. Her pity for the poor creature is quickly transformed into desire when the wolf disappears, leaving behind a naked man who is fiercely attractive, possessive, and insatiably aroused. Elijah unleashes feelings she's never known, and she can’t forget him even after their night is over. Or is it?

Note: this is a short story paranormal romance featuring a hot werewolf encounter that ends in a HEA.


The Sex Hex

A witch’s desperate spell on Halloween night will grant a night of incredible erotic pleasure for the man caught in her web—but it might also kill him in the process.

-An erotic romance short story featuring a naughty witch, a steamy spell, and an HEA.


Their Secret Paradise

Where the gods Love and Lust reside, no one will leave untouched…

Parapsychology grad Gina Munson finds her uncle's island resort fascinating but romantically dangerous. The supernatural passion stirred on the island resulted in heartache once before. Now her only interest is to study the phenomenon without falling victim to the resort’s special “charms.”

Contractor David Gilroy wouldn’t believe in the island’s alleged power even if he knew about it. He’s only interested in his building job...until he sees Gina sunbathing topless. Gina knows she can’t trust what they feel. How can David convince her his passion is real? What if it isn’t?


Dominus: God of Yule (a Sons of Herne romance

Your next book boyfriend should be a god!

Loving Lorayna could cost him his sacred power...

Months of visiting Lorayna in secret has sparked a yearning that Dominus, god of Yule, cannot shake. Lorayna is ready for any sabbat ritual he wants, even though his intentions are strictly hands-off. When something goes wrong, Dominus is forced to break the rules and give into his urges before the Yule power consumes her. Their passion will alter many sabbats to come—but not before Dominus must defy his father, Herne, to follow his desires and prove to Lorayna that she was not merely another light bearer.

a Sons of Herne urban fantasy romance. Book 2 is available free exclusively to readers who join the mailing list! Details inside.