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Ionshaker desperate (Part 1 - The Manhunt)

“A Heart-Stopping, Action-Packed Thrill Ride!” – Reviews From The Heart

“Worthwhile thriller.” – Wendy Hines,

“Nuclear Powered Thriller.”– Annie Frame, author of IMPRINT

Terrorists are in possession of a cutting edge U.S nuclear device capable of wiping out the entire North America and make 911 look like cigarette smoke. The nuclear device is called Ionshaker and America is desperate to recover it.

The only person who can stop the terrorists is Trey, currently on the run, wanted for the murder of his wife, his attorney and the kidnapping of his ex-girlfriend Robin - the Ionshaker engineer.

Before we find the Ionshaker, we must first find Trey. There is no time. Where do we begin? World War III is here.Claim your free copy now!