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Stories are my life and I think about them even when I sleep. I love romance with a mix of fantasy and mystery. Hence, my passion is writing stories in the paranormal romance, fantasy and thriller genres that involve alternate worlds or parallel dimensions, usually involving magic, spirits and dark curses.


Teen & Young Adult

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The Torn Fairy (preview)

She doesn't believe in fairy tales. Until she met him, the pure-hearted angel from a fairy tale world.

Laura used to believe in fairy tales and true love. Not after her mom took her own life; the bitter end to a once promising romance. Mal is an warrior angel with an unearthly charm, the protector of Illiros's guardian, tasked to bring Laura to save his world doomed by the mortals' failing faith in true love. Overthrown by magical adversaries, Laura and Mal embark on a quest of survival to save both Illiros and the mortal world from evil's grasp. As Laura tries to find her way back home, every step only brings her closer to revelations about her life and the love she ever dreamed of. What secret will Laura unveil in Illiros? Will she ever find her way back?


Vampire Worshippers: Book 1 (Preview)

Virginie is in love with the hot and popular rock singer, Axel Night, but knows nothing can ever come of it. Everything changes when Axel saves her from dark vampires at his concert. For once, things take a hopeful turn and her silly dream might just become reality, after all.

But meeting Axel is just the start of unimaginable things to come. Behind the scenes, a dark menace festers, and it might just be linked to Virginie's recurring nightmares of late. Led by Axel into the hidden realm of the vampires within her world, Virginie soon discovers secrets not just about the vampires but herself: In her dreams lies a centuries-old secret and an ancient power within her. Unraveling it is the only way to save the vampires and humans from an impending doom. If she can survive long enough...


Mermaid's Destiny: A Mermaid & Dragon Shifter Romance (Meragon Book 1 Preview)

Cirona's the royal heir of the Merfolk, locked up in a dark prison. The last thing she recalls is a strong and handsome man falling into the sea from above before the ominous black clouds close in. In the prison with her is a large and mighty black dragon, Argun.

Argun is the mighty prince of the Dragons, whose strength are as legendary as their pride. But even strength alone is no match for the evil that has arisen. When Argun finds his powers taken away, their only chance at survival rests on both utilizing their own strengths and their ability to iron out differences that have plagued both races for countless ages.


The Crown of Myth: Part 1

Myth decides to end her life when a horrible prank makes her the laughing stock of the whole school. But the arrival of a beautiful fae in a carriage changes everything. The fae has come for Myth, the foretold princess to the magical kingdom of Yearning, the only one who can stop the darkness that threatens the entire kingdom.
At Yearning, Myth gets to live the life she has always dreamed of: an important person loved by the people and the perfect man of her dreams, Prince Vesper, who treats her nothing short of a princess.
But Vesper would do anything to make her happy, including hurting those who made Myth's life so miserable. As the line between right and wrong blurs and a terrifying secret unveils, Myth must fight for her life and choose between what she wants and what is right.


The Crown of Myth: Part 2: Preview

In the previous part, Myth enters the fae kingdom of Yearning where she meets the handsome Prince Vesper and agrees to be Yearning's Princess to help defeat the Darkness that threatens the land. All seems like a dream come true until things take an unexpected turn at the ball.

Myth realizes her desires come with severe consequences and as lives become at stake, she proceeds to the forbidden Storm Tower, hoping that it's not too late. There, she meets a fae prisoner, who holds shocking answers about Yearning, the prince and, ultimately, Myth's fate.