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For as long as she can remember, she has a passion for love stories.
She was born in a little city, but after graduation moved away to the big city – New York. Books were the escape from her dull life. She loves the city’s excitement! She never thought she’d be a full-time job writer, but her passion was stronger than her plans.

And I will tell you a secret, my stories are fiction, but they all have a part of the truth, life is beautiful and must be lived exactly as you wish. I hope I will inspire you with my books.



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Love Across Time

Marcus Scofield and I spent years loving each other, even though we never kissed or even held hands. We were just little kids, but there was just always this magical connection between us, a connection even stronger than his connection with my brother Cooper, but he never told anybody that. Neither of us told anybody. It was our secret.
Now we’re all grown up, and Marcus obviously thinks the vow we made to love each other and get married someday is still alive and well. I shouldn’t care about him. I should think of him as another brother. Cooper considers Marcus his brother—his white brother. Isn’t that crazy?
I can’t think of him like that, though. He’ll never be a brother to me. He’s something so much more than that. He’s the part of me I never want to lose. He’s the other half of me.