Ann Omasta is a USA Today Bestselling author.

Here is a Top 10 list from Ann about her likes, dislikes, and oddities:

1. I despise whipped cream. There, I admitted it in writing. Let the ridiculing begin.
2. Even though I have lived as far south as Key Largo, Florida and as far north as Maine, I landed in the middle.
3. If I don't make a conscious effort not to, I will drink nothing but tea morning, noon, and night. Hot tea, sweet tea, green tea - I love it all.
4. There doesn't seem to be much in life that is better than coming home to a couple of big dogs who are overjoyed to see me. My other family members usually show significantly less enthusiasm about my return.
5. Singing in my bestest, loudest voice does not make my family put on their happy faces. This includes the big, loving dogs referenced above.
6. Yes, I am aware that bestest is not a word.
7. Dorothy was right. There's no place like home.
8. All of the numerous bottles in my shower must be lined up with their labels facing out. It makes me feel a little like Julia Roberts' mean husband from the movie 'Sleeping with the Enemy,' but I can't seem to control this particular quirk.
9. I love, love, love finding a great bargain.
10. Did I mention that I hate whipped cream? It makes my stomach churn to look at it, touch it, smell it, or even think about it. Great - now I'm thinking about it. Ick!


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Sylvia Hubbard

Genuinely cute and romantic. thanks for the great read

Arabella Love

This author is an amazing writer. I like her works! She's worth a read, or two or ten!

Jalanne Barnes

I like this author's work. She's really good! A must read!

Uvi Poznansky

Oh, I'm SO ready for a romance getaway, and this book will take me there!

Aidy Award

The idea of twins is always sexy and I can't say no to anything with humor. This cover - yum!

D.F. Jones

I love your cover!

Jade Alters

Can't wait.

Tara Brent

Yes I'd like a peek!

Gina A. Jones

To learn one's secrets is to learn one's private thoughts. This book's blurb has me intrigued.

Zaphira D Gheorge

Just love the cover with an amazing story!

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Hi, there! Would YOU like to take a peek in my diary?

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